Areté is, above all, a community of people with shared intellectual interests; a meeting point for dialogue about various topics, such as politics, economy and philosophy. We invite you to be part of this exciting project.


Areté Association is a non-profit organization created by and for those who seek an explanation. Not that which one finds in a newspaper, but of the kind that results from a deep analysis of the reality of the world we live in.

Technological progress, exponential growth of available information, social networks, low transport costs... it all seems to be making, at first sight, the world a smaller place. However, when the goal is not the consumption of information but the understanding of that which is relevant, we discover that the reality has never been more difficult to grasp. Therefore, the selection and thorough study of recent and past events is absolutely fundamental. And this is especially necessary with respect to those topics that have a greater impact in the lives of each one of us. As a result, we ought to find answers to the more pertinent questions. Such pertinency applies to both current and so-called 'classical' questions. Aiming to provide appropriate answers, the foundation underlying the studied phenomena must be addressed. And because of that, Areté seeks to produce a high-quality analysis that is able to meet the existent demand for this sort of deep analysis. 

Areté is led by young people who seek to develop their leadership potential through serious research and the organization of multiple activities. These activities also bring together many people (some of whom are members of Arete), who find in Aretea meeting point for elevated dialogue, rooted in shared intellectual interests and common social concerns. Regarding Areté's members, these are admitted on the basis of their personal and professional trajectory, leadership potential and commitment to make a difference in Spain and internationally. This international character has been in Areté since its inception, and it responds to our belief in the fact that youth must organize globally, since this generation has the passion, dynamism and spirit needed to shape a future filled with optimism and great achievements.



The intrinsic dignity of every human being brings with it a number of rights and duties for oneself and for each other. Morality is important to guide our actions; a morality that is part of our social nature, which leads us to interact to one another. Voluntary relations must be created from, and through, the respect every aspect of human life deserves, whether it is economic, religious, political or personal. 


Human beings are social beings by nature. We believe that social institutions such as family and other organizations separated from governmental actors are better suited for the defense of moral values, as well as to contribute to the promotion of culture and education.


In some instances, liberty is put aside for the sake of greater equality. We, on the contrary, defend the primacy of freedom over any other value. Freedom understood as the ability to make our own decisions, as well as to take responsibility of them. Freedom encompasses not only rights, but also duties. 


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Luis Ravina

President and Founder

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Oscar Pau

Executive Director

Juan A. Soto.jpg

Juan A. Soto

Vice President and Founder

Vali Hilaire.jpg

Valentine Hilaire

Communications Director

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Fernando Simón

Director of Research

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Javier García

Delegate Areté-Murcia

Research Fellows

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Xavier Fàbrega

Lead Research Fellow

Sara Canduzzi

Sara Canduzzi

Research Fellow

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Fernando Álvarez

Lead Research Fellow

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Alejandro Toste

Research Fellow

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Jorge Torres

Research Fellow